Goat Ridge Heli-Hike

5-10 kms


4-5 hours

This alpine trail boasts views of Wapiti Lake to the South and the towering peaks of Mount Bertram to the West. Choose from several lakes to take a brave dip.

This trail is perfect for all ages.

Mount Watts

11-12 kms


5-6 hours

Mount Watts heli-hike will wind you through lush meadows, over a glacier and lead you up scarred limestone with views of the pristine tarns as well as the famous Monkman lake .

Albright Ridge

5-10 kms


4-5 hours

Albright Ridge showcases sister lakes with opposing colours. One reflects a dark blue hue and the other displays a light baby blue. On their shores sink into ankle deep moss. This abundant moss then gives way to the steep slopes of mountain peaks. While hiking keep your eyes open for hidden caves!