Heli Hiking

Fly out from Tumbler Ridge, soar over mountain ridges, dive through valleys and alight at your alpine destination. Take the day to explore mountain peaks with your personal guide. Picnic amongst the alpine flowers with homemade sandwiches and yummy snacks. 

Tumbler Packages

Create a package that works for you and your family! Go for a heli hike, explore waterfalls, find dinosaur tracks, spend a day creating with local artists. The Tumbler package invites you to pick your adventure!


What You Should know!

Bring 2 – 4L of water, extra warm base layer, toque, mitts, jacket, extra socks, and of course a camera!

Warm boots or waiters, water bottle, pack clothes for 2 days, bring extra socks, gloves, toque, and bug spray if you want.

Payments can be made online, or over the phone.

There will be a hundred dollar deposit that is refundable if cancellation is made 2 days prior to trip.

Flying in the mountains is incredible, but the weather can be unpredictable and unflyable. If we have to cancel due to weather we will re-book for a better day!